Cold Grits is –

Kris Blanchard


We have the soulful vocals of Mr. Kris Blanchard. Kris also served (and sometimes still does) as drummer/percussionist and is also the main lead vocalists of Cold Grits. Funny thing about Kris is that he doesn’t play your traditional drum set. He plays a unique set comprised of 2 congas, a djembe (a type of bass drum originally from West Africa), and a snare drum.






Erie“Plat’num Pokket” Rheams



Holding it down on background vocals and drums is Mr. Erie “Plat’num Pokket” Rheams. Erie is a seasoned vet of the Baton Rouge variety music scene and makes a 4 piece First Act starter drum kit sound like a 48 piece kit being played by Neil Peart in Madison Square Garden. Erie had the pleasure of playing for many different artist both locally and globally.






Sam Politz




Mr. Sam Politz, a native of Napoleonville, LA. He is known for doing a Billy Corgan impression better than Billy Corgan himself. When Corgan gets laryngitis, the Smashing Pumpkins call Sam to fill in. When Sam isn’t standing in for the Pumpkins, he’s busy slappin’ the stankolitious bass and singing lead and background vocals for the Grits. So, if you ever smell anything funky while we play, that’s just Sam “stankin’ up the joint as usual.”







ColorSplashExportedImage 4
Corey Bourgeois




Rounding out the band is Mr. Corey Bourgeois, the guitar player and lead/background vocalist for The Grits. Corey’s skills on the electric guitar are almost the best thing about him – second only to his spectacular head of hair. That beautiful salt & pepper hair aside, he’s got enough licks to get you to the center of a Tootsie Pop.